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Griswold Conservation Area in Blue Mound, IL

The Griswold Conservation Area is located 1.5 miles northwest of Blue Mound, Illinois in southwest Macon County [get directions]. Griswold Conservation Area's GPS Coordinates are 39.703954 N, 89.139914 W.

The site features one of the glacial kame "mounds" of the Blue Mound area. Through the efforts of the citizens and civic groups of the Blue Mound area and the Macon County Conservation District, this forty-acre site has become an attractive recreational and educational facility and provides the area with much-needed wildlife habitat.

Geological History

The Griswold Conservation Area has an interesting geologic history.  The tall mound, formed by the glaciers, rises 80-feet above the surrounding farmland.  At 706 feet above sea level, it is the second highest point in Macon County and provides spectacular views. On a clear day you can see four counties!

The mound is a glacial kame, or a cone-shaped hill of gravel formed as the glacier melted. A kame is formed at an intersection of ice crevices as water, carrying gravel from on top of the glacier, drains through the crevice. This kame was left behind with the melting of the llinois glacial episode 75,000 years ago.

Wildlife Sanctuary

The north portion of the Griswold Conservation Area is now a wildlife sanctuary. A surprising number of wildlife species inhabit, or visit the site. Many birds either nest in the cliffs or stop over at Griswold Conservation Area during migration.  Hawks and owls hunt the abundant field mice, moles, ground squirrels and rabbits in the park.  Other wildlife observed at the "mound" include groundhogs, skunks, opossums, deer, foxes and coyotes.


Natural history programs can be scheduled for presentation at the Griswold Conservation Area. Call 217-423-7708 for further information.



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